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The Center for Laser Surgery was founded in 1995 by world-renowned Dermatologist and Laser Surgery pioneer Dr. Robert M. Adrian. Dr. Adrian’s fellowship training in Photomedicine at Wellman labs positioned him very well for the explosive growth of lasers in dermatologic and cosmetic medicine in the early 90’s.

Working closely with laser manufacturers Dr. Adrian was involved in the research, development, and clinical studies of many of the lasers in use worldwide. Dr. Adrian has trained over 5000 physicians from around the world in the use of lasers in Dermatology, and was a sought-after speaker at laser and cosmetic medicine meetings around the world.

Dr. Adrian personally trained the cosmetic and laser staff of the Center for Laser Surgery in all cosmetic and laser techniques. These long-time allied health staff members not only received a very high quantity of the finest training available, but were also instilled with Dr. Adrian’s steadfast moral and ethical principles of performing proven, effective treatments at a fair cost to the patient.

Under his watch, the Center for Laser Surgery continued to grow into the largest Cosmetic and Laser Practice in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas. While Dr. Adrian passed away suddenly in August of 2007, his legacy of expertise, innovation, and ethics lives on at the Center for Laser Surgery, which continues to be the largest and most experienced full-service Cosmetic and Laser Practice in the mid-Atlantic.

Laser Hair Removal

The Center for Laser Surgery has over ten years of clinical and research experience in laser hair removal. Our Center was one of the first in the world to use the Lightsheer 800nm Diode laser from Lumenis (formerly Coherent Medical group). The Center for Laser Surgery has six unique hair removal lasers on site enabling us to provide individualized treatment programs.

Our long term experience and the availability of these innovative laser systems allows us to provide treatment for all patients regardless of skin color. Research studies conducted in conjunction with physicians at Harvard has increased our success in the treatment of African American men and women patients with excess facial hair and facial bumps secondary to ingrown hairs. Please call 202-966-8814 for a complimentary laser hair removal consultation.

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